Honorary members

safaAhmet Safa Mızrak / Neyzen

“Be grieved that there are roses among the thorns, complaining that the roses are among the thorns.

Hz. Mevlana.

For me, my brother Hamza castro, who is as precious as a rose between the thorns.I wish success on this happy path.”

Natural of Konya, Turkey. Hafiz of Coran, has completely memorized the Koran. Ney pupil of the professors “Ahmet KİRDİŞ” and “Yusuf KAYYA”. In 2007 he presented himself to the ney exam organized by the Ministry of Culture of Turkey. Since 2007 he is the neyzen of the “TÜRK TASAVVUF MÜZİĞİ TOPLULUĞU”, better known in Spain as “The Orchestra of the Dervishes of Konya”

Pedro Enríquez / Poet and academic

“Living is a lesson in itself. To embrace some of the people around us an experience. Life and friendship sometimes come together to show us what really matters. I have known Hamza Castro for a long time, and it is a privilege to walk together in some transcendent moments. To know that you are building a destination with the Cultural Association “CASA DE RUMI EN ESPAÑA” is a joy, a privilege. It has all my support and confidence, with the assurance that a door of light is opening to music, poetry, spirituality, Hamza is sap of the tree where all branches will rise and give rise to new life, union and Peace, so necessary in the current moments of our history. Congratulations.”

Poet, narrator and Spanish publisher, academic with the letter Z of the Academy of Good Letters of Granada. Part of his work has been translated into French, Hebrew, Arabic, English, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Quechua, Catalan and Japanese. Director and organizer of multiple cultural events. Director of the radio program broadcast by Internet: The voice to you due. Radio evenings and literature. Cultural Advisor of the UNESCO Center of Andalusia (Spain). President of the Spain branch of the American Council of All Blood (Lima, Peru). President of the Cultural Association “Granada13artes”. Decoration with the Order José María Arguedas in the Degree of Master, by the National and International Council All the Blood, in Cusco, Peru. International Grand Prix at the fourteenth edition of the International Book Fair of Puerto Rico, for his important contribution to the literary world through his poetic work.

Hajj Hassan Dyck / Sufi Musician

 “Dear Hamza, best wishes for your beautiful project, Congratulations! May God make this project reach many people!”

 Cello player, a German-born singer and songwriter, who was originally a classical musician that, when traveling in his youth to India, fell surrendered to the charm and mystique of Hindostan music, where he became a disciple of the illustrious master Ustad Inayat Khan and a member of the Delhi Symphony Orchestra.

 Life took him then to Damascus, to adopt Sufism as his spiritual practice. After several years away from the stage, being silent, he finally returned to performing concerts all over the world, to use music as a means to connect to the divine presence. He has released two albums alongside the Italian-German “Fana”, and three solo albums, all recorded in live performances. Hasan Dyck is probably one of the most important Sufi musicians in the world.

Dr. Fco. Javier Hidalgo Tallón / Pain Doctor / Researcher and Academic

“I love this project, where the mystical and universal figure of Rumi will be present and will be announced, and also by people as big as those who have created this Cultural Association Casa de Rumi in Spain. Congratulations Hamza for this initiative and have my unconditional support. “

Doctor with extensive experience in the area of chronic pain treatment and pioneer in Spain of the scientific study of ozone applied to medical treatments for fibriomyalgia and other chronic pain related ailments. Since its founding, he has been an active member of the prestigious CTS 502 Research Group of the Regional Government of Andalusia, led by Dr. Elena Pita Calandre, an international reference. Expert in Ozone Therapy by the Ozone Research Center in Havana and expert in Anti-Aging Medicine at the University of Seville. Founder and Medical Director of Clinalgia, MiMedical Clinics and the IAF (Institute of Support to Fibriomyalgia). Lecturer as guest professor in numerous universities, always in relation to chronic pain issues. Associate member of the Institute of Neurosciences at the University of Granada. Co-author of numerous articles and publications, many of them published in international journals. He has participated as a speaker (nationally and internationally) in numerous conferences and seminars on pain. These conferences have been addressed to patients and professionals, both medical and pharmaceutical. Gold Medal for the merit of work in the Health Area of FORO EUROPA 2001 .. “ Medical Director of the Chair of Pain and Ozone Therapy at UCAM. Unique in its specialty of Europe.

Antonio Romero / Arabist 

“After knowing this wonderful project, I reiterate my full personal support and from the Foundation that I represent, the Azzagra Cultural Foundation, to Hamza Castro, president of the Cultural Association Casa de Rumi in Spain.”

Natural of Puebla de Don Fadrique, President of Alquería Los Rosales and its Cultural Foundation Azzagra, founded to support the foundation’s objectives, which are the creation of bridges of peace and understanding between people through culture, history and knowledge.

He converted to Islam in 1980, at the age of 27. After his conversion he moved to Mecca where he studied at Umm Al-Qora University specializing in Arabic and Islamic studies. On his return to Spain, he founded the Azzagra Cultural Center in his native village, a complex of 127 hectares located in the Sierra de Segura nature reserve with its own mosque and capacity for 1,000 people and a conference room with capacity for 300 delegates. The Azzagra Cultural Center has a library with 6,000 books and an insignificant collection of Arabic manuscripts.

Mevlut AYDOGMUS / education programs, lecturer

“Yalal ad-Din Muhammed Rumi says: I have searched all over the  world but failed to see a virtue better than being well-behaved. I know Hamza Castro for more than 10 years and I only see this virtue on him. I believe he will take the messages of Rumi to millions of people in Spain as president of Rumi House of Spain and it is pleasure for me to support this project.”

He lives in Konya,Turkey. He has MA on education programs. He works for Necmettin Erbakan University as Vice Coordinator for Erasmus Program and lecturer. He teaches project management in the same university. He is the president of Lifelong Learning Academy (H@BDER) which orhanize International Conferences on Modern Education Studies and carries out different educational projects. He is the editor of International Journal of Modern Education Studies.


Pedro Burruezo / Musician and Composer

“It is a pleasure for me to support an initiative like that of Hamza Castro with the Cultural Association” CASA DE RUMI EN ESPAÑA “, as the figure of Mevlana Rumi not only represents the highest poetry, but also everything related to the most redeeming and sincere spirituality. It was time for Spain, a crossroads of cultures, to have its space dedicated to this universal figure of lyric, spirituality and beauty. “

Musician and composer with a very long professional career. He has published more than 15 albums and has made soundtracks for cinema, dance and theater. He is also director of The Ecologist magazine, dedicated to deep ecology. He has given lectures throughout the Spanish state and has books published as “Misticísssimus” (T-sunami) or “Ecology and Spirituality” (Obelisk Editions).

Chema Cotarelo / Poet, playwright, writer

“My dear Hamza; It is an honor and a deep emotion to see how your tenacity and heart bear fruit in the same way towards the high points of generosity and wellness of spirit. Initiatives such as yours are not only essential, but necessary to build bridges and tear down walls and fences, to erect new scaffolds where the creepers of truth, harmony and flowers of affection climb. The way, as many others said before me, is long and sometimes, perhaps it would be better not to look back, or if it is done, not to do so with the eyes of hatred, or those of words or gestures that drive us away. We need words and gestures that bring us closer to men and religions, whatever we call the God given to us or in whom we believe. From what I know of you are a person of a great heart. People like you are needed in any religion and in any state of emotion. That is why I celebrate this project of yours and I wish you with the help of reason and the noble spirit that accompanies you to arrive at the port you wish, in whose sweet waters, do not be surprised to find some splinter of my poor boat. “

Born in Taramundi (Asturias) in 1961. Poet, playwright, writer. He has published several poem books and has written the plays Misa poética, El presidente. The essay and Federico’s dream for theater and flamenco. Of recent appearance Poems by Leonard von Scotrodfinger. Whatever fits a hand is dedicated to Vicente Aleixandre, Jose Angel Valente and Antonio Carlos Gonzalez, with whom he shared friendship and poetry. The collection of this book was destined in its totality to Manos Unidas to create a school for children not schooled in Kabichbich (Cambodia). It boasts several prizes of poetry as well as the “Clara Campoamor” for equality between men and women. Their poems have been musicados by several artists and translated to several languages. He has participated in various performances with Centro Andaluz de las Letras and belongs to literary academies in Italy and Portugal. He has represented Spain in several international meetings in Puerto Rico, New York, Uruguay, Cuba and Pennsylvania. He is an adopted son of San Lorenzo (Puerto Rico) .

Alejandro Sánchez García / Economist

It is an honor for me to support the constitution of this project, CASA RUMI EN ESPAÑA. We must not forget that the work and life of RUMI represents the true meaning and example that people of all religions and backgrounds can live together in peace and harmony and, without a doubt, that is the path that we should all choose in this difficult time we live.”

Master in Public Governance in the Arab World” University of Granada. CEO and Founder of AL-ANDALUS CONSULTING (www.al-andalusconsulting.com)

Consultant dedicated to promote and facilitate business and cultural exchange among civilizations. Becoming a meeting point between Spanish and European companies, with companies from the Arab and Eastern World.

Jorge Puche /  TV director

“How proud and joyful to be in this wonderful project with my friend Hamza, whom I admire as a person, an artist and a musician.”

Born in Granada, he studied acting and post-production in 1990 at the Video and Television Academy of Viprom, where he worked as a camera operator and editor, performing tasks with Canal Sur, A3, Tele5, Europa Press, Agencia Efe, TVE and various European TVs. In 1992 and until 1995, he was the director and editor of the program Telesigno, of Canal Sur, the first information in sign language for deaf people. In 1995 he became a freelance professional and since then he has been working as a camera, editor and filmmaker in numerous TV documentary series, such as – Sangre Verde with Atico7 for Canal Sur, – Aula Global, educational series for South Channel and awarded As the best adult education project. Numerous programs for Canal Sur. And a long etcetera in the world of documentaries and television series. He has made videos and documentaries for Estrella Morente, Enrique Morente, Miguel Ríos, Enrique Morataya and other artists, as well as music and dance festivals in the city of Granada. He has made numerous documentaries on the historical memory of Andalusia leading even research tasks. He has performed camera tasks, editing and performing in the Andalucía Aventura series of Channel 2 Andalucía since 2001, with more than 120 reports on expeditions to the Arctic, Canada, the Himalayas, Lapland, Tanzania, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Peru … Expedition to “The Footprints of Nanuk”, First Andalusian Expedition to the Magnetic North Pole … Etc.

 M. Laure Rodríguez Quiroga / Researcher, writer and aRtivist

 “Supporting this project is a way of recognizing the legacy of Rumi and the importance of his contributions to the spiritual development of millions of people over the centuries. Initiatives such as the Rumi House from which to implement poetry, art and music to feed souls at a time in history where more humanity, coexistence and peace are demanded, becomes essential to reach more cohesive societies.”

 She was born in Paris, France, in 1975. Researcher, writer and aRtivist, among some of her facets. She was a member of the Platform of Women Artists Against Gender Violence, and of the International Network: Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality, among others. She is an advisor at the Equality and Women Studies Department of EMUI_Euromed University and researcher at the Complutense Institute Euro-Mediterranean University Institute with publications in the Scientific Magazine Nomads, Mediterranean Perspectives. She is the author of the book False Myths of Women in Islam. She has been connected to the world of music from the age of 6, and studied the Singing Career at the Conservatorio de Música Superior Pablo Sarasate, dedicating part of her work to musical research and Islam.

paulinaPaulina Lorca Koch / Medievalist, teacher and researcher.

“To speak of Rumi is to speak of Love, of God, of the human being. Mevlana manages to express her concerns with an honesty that astonishes, abyss and delights. To read his work is to better understand the hearts of people, and at the same time, to glimpse even for seconds, the infinite Unity hidden by souls.

As Rumi says, “Come, whoever you are, come.”

She holds a Master’s Degree in Arabic and Hebrew Cultures (UGR) and a Master’s Degree in Humanities from the Universidad Católica de Chile. She is currently a doctoral candidate for the Department of Semitic Studies at the University of Granada. His area of expertise is medieval and comparative literature. Among his papers is: “The garden in the Sufi poetry of Jalal ad-din Rumi”.