hamza2Hamza Castro / President

The image of the Cultural Association “Rumi House of Spain” is held by the Granadian HAMZA CASTRO, being president and founding partner of the same.

Rumi House of Spain, has the support of a team of professionals and collaborators committed to the project

The Granadian Hamza Castro is the soul of this exciting socio-cultural project.

When he learned of the existence of the great spiritual master MEVLANA RUMI, his life would take a surprising turn, leaving the world of rock for Ney, the instrument par excellence of Sufi music, played since 2005. Passionate about Turkish Culture and above all its people, Hamza Castro with this project aims to bring to the Spanish people the great values that Mevlana Rumi has bequeathed to humanity, as well as to publicize different ways of expression of Turkish culture. Since 2013 has a strong link with the city of Konya, receiving classes of ney and performing concerts in the city of Konya.

 Toño Vera / Secretary

“I could not let go of this opportunity offered by my friend and brother Hamza, whom I admire and deeply love, a good person, transparent, simple, cheerful, hardworking and ARTIST with a thousand goblins inside, which transmits them from one Natural way, spontaneous and magical with his ney, leading us to a unique experience that reaches the deepest soul. Thank you, brother, for being able to be on this project by your side. “

Director and founding partner of Caravan Culture and Visionary Business Consulting. Specialized in the creation, development and implementation of franchises and foundations. Expert in communication, marketing and advertising.     I started my professional career in 1987 as a teacher and television director of the first video tv academy in Andalusia in Viprom, Granada, where for 13 years we prepared more than a thousand students. In this period I also worked as a producer of this production company, attending to the southern channel, television 5, antenna 3, Spanish television mainly. In 1996, I took over and for 12 years the production and management of the first bilingual information program in Europe, Telesigno, awarded several times for its quality and content. In this period, we launched the first bilingual digital newspaper in Europe, Sinalvision, which is highly recognized and awarded in Spain and other European countries. In 2005 I became independent and opened my own company offering communication and strategic marketing services, working for 5 years with the Marbella and Costa del Sol Brand. In 2010, I began to specialize in franchising and foundations, having so far constituted 6 foundations and a dozen Of franchises which I continue to advise and perform management and strategic communication tasks.

 Camila Martín / Treasurer

“It is a pleasure to to take part in  Hamza Castro’s wonderful project that will make the figure of Mevlana Rumi better known. Rumi House of Spain is an extraordinary human team, which I firmly believe will greatly help to create ties of union between Spain and Turkey. “

Natural of Guadahortuna, Granada and settled in Alcfacar.
Titled in “Draftsman Technical Specialist of Buildings and Works”, is currently finishing the “Degree of Building Engineering” at the Technical University of Granada.